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New FDA TOOL for Importers

Do you import food products (or any FDA regulated product) into the U.S.? I’ve launched a new website (www.FDA-USA.com) to assist you in learning the basic requirements for FDA regulated products. The website features information for importers of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, dietary supplements and alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget, if you are a registered food BlogsRead More

NEW CBP Pilot Program Focuses on IPR Pre-Compliance

CBP is currently taking volunteers for a brand new Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) voluntary pre-compliance program.  The Journal of Commerce reported on the new pilot program here. Do you agree with my comments?CBP is asking for 9 volunteer filers to submit IPR Authenticating data via email into the Document Image System (DIS). Approved IPR authentication BlogsRead More

Calling ALL Animal Lovers! Walk for the Animals – 2/28/15

Every now and then there is a charity that just plain and simply warms your heart and has you painlessly giving away that money you work so hard to obtain.  The Humane Society of Greater Miami is that charity for me. Both of my precious pets are from the Humane Society – and I am extremely BlogsRead More

Jen Diaz to Speak on Import Regulations

The 11th Annual International Business Trade Expo (IBTE), “Expanding Beyond Our Borders,” will be held Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The event promotes international trade and highlights the significant impact that bilateral trade has in South Florida’s economy. IBTE is hosted by the Lauderhill Regional Chamber of Commerce BlogsRead More

2014 C-TPAT Conference Recap – Time to Join or Cancel?

The 2014 C-TPAT Conference was held in San Antonio, Texas this year – barely. http://www.customsandinternationaltradelaw.com/2014/07/articles/import/time-to-register-2014-c-tpat-conference/ I was hoping for a lengthy dialogue on the status of the “Trusted Trader” pilot program – but, it barely received a notable mention. http://www.customsandinternationaltradelaw.com/2014/06/articles/import/are-you-a-trusted-trader-c-tpat-is-no-longer-enough/ 2013 highlights included: http://www.customsandinternationaltradelaw.com/2013/01/articles/c-tpat/what-you-missed-at-the-c-tpat-conference/ So, in 2014… What’s new?

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