2023: A Year in Review

From all of us at Diaz Trade Law, we are immensely grateful for your support this year. We are thrilled to report another year of achievements including saving our clients MILLIONS of dollars. The year was filled with numerous achievements and accomplishments we are humbled to share with you. We look forward to working with you in 2024!

Top 2023 Success Stories

Successfully Mitigated Penalty Actions and Obtained Refunds Issued by CBP to our Clients

  • Our client was issued a notice of penalty in the amount of $812,500.00 from CBP alleging a violation of 19 USC 1526(f).  After Diaz Trade Law filed a successful petition, CBP mitigated the penalty down to $5,000.00, saving our client $807,500.00.
  • DTL’s importer client received a penalty from CBP in the amount of $120,154.00 for Wood Packaging Material violative of 7 CFR 319.40.  DTL mitigated the penalty amount to roughly 3.5%, or $4,200.00, yielding to $115,954.00 in savings.
  • An importer received a Notice of Penalty from U.S. Customs (CBP) in the amount of $46,735.82 for an alleged ISPM-15 Wood Packaging Material (WPM) violation. DTL filed a successful petition with CBP, and our client’s penalty was mitigated down to $3,271.00, a savings of over 43k!
  • An importer received a penalty from U.S. Customs (CBP) in the amount of $44,530.50 for alleged intellectual property rights (IPR) violations. Diaz Trade Law (DTL) sent CBP a petition requesting relief and CBP decided to mitigated the penalty to $13,200.00. Not satisfied with the result, DTL again requested mitigation via a supplemental petition […]
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From Trade to Aid: Jennifer Diaz’s Week of Volunteering in Israel with Diaz Trade Law’s Unwavering Support

A Trip of Solidarity and Volunteerism

I spent the last 6 days on a trip of a lifetime – I went to Israel less than 60 days into an ongoing war to show solidarity and volunteer.

Just 60 days into an ongoing conflict, my decision to go was not an easy one. As the President of Diaz Trade Law, a wife, and a mother, numerous considerations came into play. Yet, an innate yearning from within insisted that this wasn’t a mere possibility; it was an imperative.

On October 7, 2023, I was home in Miami, Florida, watching the horrifying news across my screen, crying in disbelief. As a proud Jewish woman, I had to do something after the brutal Hamas terrorist government sent thousands to brutally murder 1200 Jews (slaughtering even babies)! Hamas terrorized Israel – raping women and kidnapping 240 women, children, and even babies – Geneva Convention be dammed. Ever since that dreadful day, I was glued to my phone. The news was inundating my life. I was consumed by it. My life, work, and my entire being felt superfluous to what was going on in Israel. I’ve been to Israel 4 times prior, and it was and will always be my homeland.

A Call to Serve

One of those four trips was with JLI (Jewish Leadership Institute) while I was in law school – it was trip #3 to Israel for me. The minute the JLI director said he was putting together an alumni volunteer trip to Israel, my soul called out, and I knew […]

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Join Diaz Trade Law at Americas Food and Beverage Show!

Americas Food and Beverage Show is one of the largest food and beverage shows with over 5,000 buyers representing Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. The show also has a conference tied to it where leading experts will provide market trends, FDA compliance tips, trends, challenges and opportunities in the food sector, and much more. Diaz Trade Law is excited to announce that our President, Jennifer Diaz, will be a featured speaker discussing “Top 10 Tips When Importing into the U.S. in compliance with CBP and FDA.”The food show and conference are happening September 18th – 20th, 2023 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST and will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Why Attend?

  • Over 600 Exhibitors
  • Food and Beverage Demo Stage
  • 245,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space
  • Buyers from more than 50 countries
  • Annual conference with industry experts including our very own Jen Diaz!

Register as a buyer or attendee HERE!



MDBC Trade & Logistics Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 13

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

The Trade & Logistics Committee will hold the last Trade and Logistics Committee Meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 13 at Port Miami located in Terminal E. 

The current Chair, Jennifer Diaz, will hand the reigns of the committee over to the Chair Elect, Cloudya Esther. 

A distinguished panel of experts will discuss how AI is transforming the nature of work and industry practices. 

As interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows, so does the demand for resources to help educate and inform about this rapidly developing technology. AI is increasingly being used in a range of industries to improve processes, save costs, and increase efficiencies. The panel of early adopters of AI will speak to their experience about the potential, limitations, and impact of Artificial Intelligence from their vantage point. 

The discussion will include insights on:

  • How does AI affect competitiveness in our industry?
  • What will the future of our workforce look like with increasing adoption of AI?
  • What are the tactical things that government and academia can do to help industry with the necessary tools they need to help individuals prepare for the future.

Register for the event HERE.

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Green Trade Innovation and Incentives Forum RECAP

On July 11, 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) held the Green Trade Innovation and Incentives Forum, the agency’s first conference that covered CBP’s Green Trade Strategy and related sustainable trade issues. The CBP Green Trade Strategy was formulated by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in Brussels in June of 2022 and serves as the agency’s action plan for addressing climate change’s impact on global trade. The Green Trade Strategy seeks to create business incentives that promote green investment and innovation but also includes ramped-up environmental enforcement efforts. The conference participants included multiple senior officials from CBP, and its partner agencies, as well as top executives from leading industry organizations. 

Green Trade Incentives: 

AnnMarie Highsmith, Executive Assistant Commissioner for CBP’s Office of Trade explained that the Green Strategy rests on four pillars: 

  1. Incentivizing Green Trade

  2. Strengthening environmental enforcement posture

  3. Accelerating green innovation

  4. Improving climate resilience and resource efficiency 

The first and third pillars refer to CBP’s efforts to work with its partner government agencies and industry leaders to remove barriers to sustainable trade and to promote green innovation. Multiple industry leaders at the conference proposed ways that CBP could create incentive structures that reduce the carbon footprint of global supply chains and promote green innovation.  

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