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Notices of Action (CBP Form 29)

Did you receive a Notice that looks like this from CBP?

(If so, we can help. See below)

fta.go.kr webmodule _PSD_FTA apply 2_CBP_Form_29.pdf

What Does This Notice Mean?

If U.S. Customs is not satisfied with an importers response to a Request for Information, U.S. Customs will then send a Notice of Action, also known as Customs Form 29.

How Can Diaz Trade Law Help?

It is essential that importers contact an expert upon receipt of a Request for Information or Notice of Action as they often lead to penalties if not responded to properly. 19 U.S.C. 1592 is the statute CBP references when issuing penalties for negligence, gross negligence or fraud – depending on the degree of culpability CBP believes you had at the time of your non-compliance. Diaz Trade Law provides expert counsel to assist in responding to Customs Form 29.



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