Under the Customs Modernization Act of 1993, importers of record have a responsibility to use “reasonable care” when declaring the classification, valuation, country of origin and use of duty preference programs for merchandise upon entry to the U.S. CBP often verifies compliance through the use of audits. Companies with over 100 million in import value are eligible for the most common audit, called a Focused Assessment. The Focused Assessment consists of an extensive review of the importer’s records (importers have a five-year statute of limitations period) and documentation to prove the importer has a system in place to comply with Customs laws and regulations. For both smaller importers, and those with compliance issues, Customs uses a Quick Assessment Audit.

How Can Diaz Trade Law Help?

Diaz Trade Law assists in ensuring our clients have adequate compliance systems in place to comply with U.S. Customs laws and regulations and successfully navigate Customs audits.

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