From Trade to Aid: Jennifer Diaz’s Week of Volunteering in Israel with Diaz Trade Law’s Unwavering Support

A Trip of Solidarity and Volunteerism

I spent the last 6 days on a trip of a lifetime – I went to Israel less than 60 days into an ongoing war to show solidarity and volunteer.

Just 60 days into an ongoing conflict, my decision to go was not an easy one. As the President of Diaz Trade Law, a wife, and a mother, numerous considerations came into play. Yet, an innate yearning from within insisted that this wasn’t a mere possibility; it was an imperative.

On October 7, 2023, I was home in Miami, Florida, watching the horrifying news across my screen, crying in disbelief. As a proud Jewish woman, I had to do something after the brutal Hamas terrorist government sent thousands to brutally murder 1200 Jews (slaughtering even babies)! Hamas terrorized Israel – raping women and kidnapping 240 women, children, and even babies – Geneva Convention be dammed. Ever since that dreadful day, I was glued to my phone. The news was inundating my life. I was consumed by it. My life, work, and my entire being felt superfluous to what was going on in Israel. I’ve been to Israel 4 times prior, and it was and will always be my homeland.

A Call to Serve

One of those four trips was with JLI (Jewish Leadership Institute) while I was in law school – it was trip #3 to Israel for me. The minute the JLI director said he was putting together an alumni volunteer trip to Israel, my soul called out, and I knew […]

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Government Shutdown Avoided… For Now…

On Saturday night, President Biden signed a stopgap funding bill, avoiding a government shutdown right before the deadline.

The continuing resolution (CR) will continue funding the government for 45 days. While the extension allows more time for Congress to agree on a long term spending agreement, some Washington experts are advising industry to prepare for a shutdown in November.

While many employees in key agencies for international trade will be deemed “essential,” meaning they will continue working through a shutdown, agencies will still experience operational changes that will cause delays.

Below is a breakdown of how key agencies will be impacted by a future shutdown.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s contingency plan, cargo security and port of operations will remain active during a shutdown. However, certain activities such as training and auditing are not required to be carried out during this time. In addition, back-office support positions are not likely to be deemed essential and will be furloughed. Refunds, audits, ruling requests, etc. would be delayed until the shutdown ends. 

There remains uncertainty around which specific offices will be deemed essential. For example, Forced Labor Communications may be furloughed, resulting in delays in reviewing Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) and Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) allegations.

U.S. Department of Commerce

According to the Department of Commerce’s contingency […]

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