Do you want to have a better relationship with U.S. Customs, or any U.S. federal government agency?

If so, Pre-Compliance is key. Diaz Trade Law prides itself upon creating custom pre-compliance plans targeting your specific business needs including all of your “reasonable care” requirements. The end goal is to expedite your supply chain with your very own custom compliance program. Often times, this will also encompass taking advantage of voluntary compliance programs.

What are my legal obligations as a U.S. Importer of Record?

A U.S. Importer of Record has vast legal obligations to meet including ensuring they have a process in place to properly identify the classification, valuation, country of origin, intellectual property rights, and free trade agreement compliance. CBP has vast resources to assist you in understanding your responsibilities as a U.S. importer.

Compliance Successes:

After successfully resolving a CBP seizure case, assisted a major electronic importer with developing a “pre-compliance” program reviewing intellectual property rights prior to importation and reporting the same to CBP proactively and thereby decreasing intensive examinations and detentions of merchandise by CBP.

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