Freight Forwarder Pays $125,000 Mitigated Penalty – Avoid This & Learn 11 Steps to Exporting

Aramex Emirates, LLC, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), agreed to pay a $125,000 civil penalty to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s (DOC) Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) for the unlicensed export and reexport to Syria, via the U.A.E., of network devices and software without the required BIS licenses. The Under Secretary of Commerce Eric L. Hirschhorn commented:
Today’s settlement shows the importance of compliance with U.S. law by foreign freight forwarders handling items subject to U.S. export controls.

CBP Updates Trade Community on GSP Expiration

For those of you that relied on the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and are now subject to duties, CBP sent a notice today that directly impacts you.

A previous post discussed the expiration of GSP and need for congressional action to renew it. GSP expired July 31, 2013. Importers were advised to continue to use the Special Program Indicator (SPI) “A” when importing into the U.S., which would signify a valid claim for GSP but to pay duty subsequent to that date, so that in the event of a retroactive renewal, CBP could process refunds automatically.

Unfortunately, the picture above is still correct – the trade community is in limbo – will we get our duties refunded if we are entitled to GSP?  The answer… Yes, Maybe, No.  Not comforting or reassuring.

Today, CBP advised the trade community that:

.. neither requests to extend liquidation under 19 CFR 159.12, nor protest under 19 CFR Part 174, should be used to stop the liquidation of claim potential subject to GSP in anticipation that GSP will be renewed. Assuming that the goods were properly classified and appraised, they should be liquidated as scheduled. CBP does not have the legal authority to further extend liquidation pending possible renewal of GSP.

If GSP were to be renewed, the legislation would specify an effective date of for the date of renewal. The renewal date, if GSP is reauthorized, might or might allow for retroactive claims. On previous occasions when GSP was renewed retroactively, the legislation […]

PortMiami Tunnel Opening Celebration!

Today was the historic PortMiami Tunnel Opening (where you can watch my video of the first 3 trucks that officially entered the port tunnel)!  A better video can be found here, courtesy of Local 10.

As the Miami Herald reported today, four long years and $915 million dollars went into this tunnel that will now allow both cruise traffic and trucks to bypass downtown Miami and instead, head straight to the highway.

Much needed relief for residents. And… No Tolls!

Perhaps one of the more touching moments was when all of the 900+ workers were celebrated and extremely proud exiting the tunnel.

Governor Rick Scott, Mayor Gimenez, Mayor Thomas Regalado, former Port Director Bill Johnson and new Port Director Juan Kuryla among additional politicians attended and spoke about the massive job opportunities the tunnel opening (has had and) will have on Miami as well as the fact that the project was on time, and on budget.

The tunnel is supposed to officially open to the public later this month.

The dredging continues – and estimated to be complete by 2015 in anticipation for Post Panamax cargo ships.

What’s a celebration without selfies? Check them out below along with a great shot of the new tunnel.  I’m ready for more cargo traffic – what are your thoughts on the new tunnel and PortMiami?


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As you would see, we develop Export Marketing Plans for manufacturers and service providers (The products or services must be produced in Florida).

It’s also for companies that are new-to-export or infrequent exporters.

They must also be in business for a minimum of 2 years, have a minimum of five employees and their annual sales must be within $500,000 to $10 million.

The cost to the business owner is $500 and upon acceptance of the Export Marketing Plan, there are Overseas Opportunities (documented on flyer) for the client.

The attached flyer has all the information and at the bottom, there is the on-line link to the website where companies can complete an application and submit to us.

We would appreciate if you can share this with your clients for us please.



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