Client Testimonials

They are extremely well versed in navigating customs law. The depth and breadth of their team is strong. All team members are responsive, informed and capable. Their service levels and responsiveness are strong. We generally get responses same-day, if not sooner. Diaz Trade Law is the only law firm that I have ever worked with where they have actually made our company money.

5 Stars Orange

Their ability to handle complex questions and situations is amazing. Jennifer Diaz has a great ability solve problems. She is able to help clients feel comfortable and calm, knowing that they have someone really prepared and capable to handle complex situations. The depth and breadth of their team is very strong. Every member of the team is capable of handling any issue involved in the case. They had everything very organized and ready to keep working on the case. They answer each email very quickly and are available 24/7 for me for any question that I might have. Their service levels and responsiveness are very strong. They have an amazing response rate to my emails. It was incredible how they answered any email from me in less than an hour. Their answers were always clear to me. I was very comfortable knowing that any member of the team will be answering my questions very fast, regardless of the day or time. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong, as is their commercial awareness. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives is very strong.

5 Stars Orange

Jennifer Diaz was highly professional and totally knowledgeable with regard to the issue at hand. The depth and breadth of their team is very strong. They knew each step and advised as to what to expect, all of which occurred and ended in results favorable for me.They always responded in a timely fashion.The cost and fee estimates were fair and exact.

5 Stars Orange

They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of international trade law, but importation especially.Jennifer is in charge and she is assisted by excellent staff that has supported us well. They get back to us within the same day. I think they are not too expensive for the level of knowledge that they offer to us. They seem to be up-to-speed with all of the most recent events and laws.

5 Stars Orange

They are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of trade law.. Everybody in their team is up to speed. Their average response time is one day in all matters. They are worth every penny.

5 Stars Orange

The team at Diaz Trade Law are resourceful and knowledgeable.I have worked exclusively with Jennifer Diaz for quite some time for all of my trade law needs. I have not needed to seek outside counsel for anything because Jennifer and her team have always been able to meet all of our needs. She is well connected and has a strong team behind her. Whenever I email the team, I have a response within hours acknowledging my email and letting me know they are working on it. They have always been responsive and timely. There have been times there was an emergency and I needed her ASAP, and I would get a call immediately. Whenever we need them, Jennifer and her team are there. Jennifer’s rates are very reasonable. Anytime we have tackled a project and set a budget, she has respected that budget and stayed within it.Jennifer is on top of all of the latest news in the industry. She constantly does seminars and sends out newsletters to educate her clients. I have learned a lot from her over the years.

5 Stars Orange

The knowledge and experience that the Diaz Trade team provides to the cases are out of this world. Their perseverance is one of their key parts.They are a hard-working team from beginning to end.The status and updates of the cases are always provided when received. It doesn’t matter the day or time, Diaz Trade keeps you informed at all times.They for sure have been very clear and helpful at the time of providing their service. They are super professional and well worth the money.Their commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives is very strong. This is excellent. They search for resources to be the best team.

5 Stars Orange

We have worked with multiple people within Diaz. They have all provided great service and support.They are very responsive, and they anticipate changes that may impact us.They provide excellent value for the work that they do. They have a diverse team, and appear to be mostly women, so congratulations to them.

5 Stars Orange

Whether working directly with Jennifer or members of the Diaz Law team the advice is always concise and meeting our needs. They are very reliable. Diaz Law understands the importance of the questions that we have combined with the risks we face.

5 Stars Orange

The firm has super sharp lawyers that really know their stuff. We refer them difficult situations as they have a strong track record.

5 Stars Orange

Jennifer Diaz is probably one of the smartest people I know. She is sharp, smart and has good follow-through on her work. She is a trusted partner.

5 Stars Orange

Jennifer Diaz is very involved in the whole trade community and she is up to date with the industry. She gives back and wants to ensure things are done correctly. She is wonderful to work with, really cares for her clients and is very professional. She has been successful in managing all of our customs issues. She couldn’t do better. She is very engaged in the community and is very professional.

5 Stars Orange

Jennifer Diaz is a fantastic attorney and she works very hard for the client. She is incredible and is just a force of nature. She is also super responsive and sets a very high bar on her work. She has a very intense personality and has high expectations. If I were to send something, I need to make sure it’s correct before. She is an incredible advocate for her clients.

5 Stars Orange

Jennifer Diaz’s client service and general level of service is very strong. Jennifer’s level of sophistication and commercial vision are also very strong. She is the best lawyer that we could have ever worked with.

5 Stars Orange

Their ability to handle complex questions and situations is amazing. Jennifer Diaz has a great ability solve problems. She is able to help clients feel comfortable and calm, knowing that they have someone really prepared and capable to handle complex situations.She always answers emails in less than two hours, while her answers are always clear and easy to understand. She makes me feel that she is part of our company and will never leave us alone.

5 Stars Orange

“We love Diaz Trade law, you are still the only lawyer that’s ever made me money ?”
– Importer of apparel

“We have worked with Jennifer for over 15 years, and she is by far the best contact to have to assist you with Customs & International Trade Law.”
– Importer of cosmetics

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with Jennifer Diaz’s services. She is always professional and courteous. She responds to all queries, concerns and comments via email or telephone with knowledge and timeliness. She is articulate and helpful in thinking of alternative solutions or negotiating with regulatory agencies. Just wanted to take a moment and let you know that she is top notch and we are beyond satisfied with her services.”

“Top notch!! Thank you, I feel 100 times better about this.”
– Pharmaceutical Importer

“Jennifer Diaz is the BEST customs attorney in the United States. No matter what city or state you are in, you can always count on her great communication and knowledge. We are a California based company and after having our shipment detained by U.S. Customs for close to 40 days, we hired Jennifer and she got our shipment released in matter of less then a week. We searched the Internet and spoke to many attorneys locally and statewide, but Jennifer was the BEST. Highly recommended.”

– California Based Company

“I heard the news about the import rates. Great job!”

“Thank you very much Jennifer for your superb handling of our case.”

“Wow! Amazing! Mazel Tov! Great Job!”
– Electronic Cigarette Importer

“There are not enough words to describe Jennifer’s expertise, client bedside manner, industry respect and educator to the layman. She stands out in the crowd of attorneys in that she shares what she has worked so hard to master and enables the client to work with it on their own. She genuinely has the client’s best interest at heart and as her first priority.”
– Electronics Importer

“When it comes to trade and customs law there is no question you are my go to attorney.”

“Once again, thank you for the great work you have done on this case. Excellent job!”

“Thanks Jen so much for getting involved. This product would still be detained if it was not for your efforts and guidance. Again you prove to be best Customs’ lawyer I have…of course you are the only one”
– Importer and Distributor of Food Products

“…at least one good thing came out of it! We were very lucky to have you…”

“What a great work you have done!!! You are really great. Thank you and thank you!!!”

“You are a GREAT lawyer!!! Thank you. We sincerely appreciate a lot. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”
– Importer of Antiques

“ Honor to call you my lawyer”
– Importer

“AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jennifer…’re the BEST!!!”
– After Assisting an Importer in Getting Grey Market Cargo on Detention with CBP Released, and Not Seized

“Since we met you in 2007, we are very aware of your professionalism, your knowledge in Compliance and your commitment to excellent customer service.”
– Exporter of Aircraft Parts

“If I were down there, I’d drive over and pick you up for lunch!”
– After getting involved and getting detained merchandise released within 2 business days

“I am very impressed with your work and happy to have you represent us.”

– Importer of Steel Products after GSP verifications

“Jennifer is the best attorney I have ever met.”
– Importer of Refrigerant Products

Currency Seizure Clients:

“Thanks Jennifer !!!!!!!! You’re the Greatest !!!!!!!!!”

“You were so kind throughout the process and very helpful, I still remember when I spoke with you on phone the very first day, your voice was so assuring and it gave us strength to fight for our money, we will never forget you and your kindness and will most definitely refer other people”

Seminar Participant Testimonials:

“The best webinar I’ve ever attended. Interactive is the way to go. I look forward to being a part of any and all of your upcoming webinars. Please keep me posted as to any upcoming you are hosting. Great job.”

“Your presentation was spectacular and you communicate very effectively (coming from another communicator :)”

“We all truly enjoyed your presentations. You are excellent at putting across even the most complex material and making it interesting.”

“I’m emailing you to truly thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come present valid information to the classroom. What you have taught me was really informative and helpful for the possible business ideas I will pursue in the near future!”

“During our 2015 International Trade Certificate Program, Jennifer Diaz shared her wealth of knowledge and experience on Legal/IPR Issues and Free Trade Agreements with the attendees. It was so overwhelming that attendees, at the end of both sessions, were flocking around her for more information. The SBDC, Fort Lauderdale is extremely appreciative and very fortunate to have Jennifer Diaz as one of their presenters.”

“Thank you for keeping the class engaging and interesting.”

“Great energy and delivery of the material”

“I found your presentation very informative namely for the purpose of my clients…”

“Jennifer, thanks for helping make our trip successful. I have received many positive comments on your presentation.”
– Dominican Republic Mission with Enterprise Florida

“Jennifer, thanks so much for the info. Again, we truly enjoyed your presentation.”

“As always you were so awesome and got the crowd going!”

“Thank you very much for your great talk today on the YIN call. Within a few minutes you made me interested in a practice area that I thought was incredibly boring. Your stories and passion for it put a different light on this.”

“Very much appreciated your presentation. Well done!”

“Thank you for your presentation. You did an excellent job!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the help, patience, and words of wisdom that you shared with me”

“Thank you Jen, for a great informative meeting, giving many of us the opportunity to hear about import issues, from different perspectives and share our views.”

“Loved your presentation. Very impressed with you. You make the NSU alumni proud.”

“In my previous career I’ve taken lots of courses with world renowned speakers and you two are absolutely outstanding!!!!!” (Introduction to Importing, March 26, 2016)

“This presentation was fantastic, I recommend it as both Elena and Jen share years of knowledge in the import business and help you understand the industry.” (Introduction to Importing, March 26, 2016)

“Diaz Trade Law is always up-to-date with the latest regulations, and Jennifer always brings the most relevant speakers to her seminars.” (FDA Compliance Issues When Importing Food & FSMA Guidance, May 18, 2017)

“Navigating FDA & government agencies changes every day. Having DTL as a resource and as a “Go To” for our clients is an incredible benefit and advantage.” (FDA Compliance Issues When Importing Food & FSMA Guidance, May 18, 2017)

Community Involvement Testimonials:

OWIT Member of the Year Award

“Congratulations, Jennifer! OWIT could not have chosen a more deserving person”

“Congratulations again!!!! It is sooooo deserved as I have never seen anyone devote as much energy to a group as you did for OWIT. YOU ROCK!!!!”

“Congrats Jen! We all know you’re the Rock Star!”

“Rock Star! We are so proud of you!!!”

“Congratulations! No one better could win!”

“A super huge congratulations!!! You completely deserve this. Extremely happy for you!!! (P.S. where do you get all your energy???)”

“CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so very happy for you and your truly deserve the recognition and honor this brings as you have been an exceptional president bringing many new members and programs to the organization. Thanks for all you did and enjoy your success!”

“Congratulations! You are no doubt deserving of this recognition. We are proud to have you as an alum of NSU.”

“What a terrific honor. I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more.”

“This is a great honor and well deserved! Thank you for being such a great leader!”

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity to be part of OWIT family and to get to know women like you. You inspire and motivate me in so many ways!”

On ABA Leadership

“You are such a great leader =)”

On International Womans Day WTC Award

“You all would have been very proud of Jennifer. She is so highly thought of in the South Florida trade community and her award was well deserved.”

“You are an international law rock star!!! So proud of you!!!”

On Winning the “Community Service Award” from Becker & Poliakoff

“Our own energizer bunny, Jennifer Diaz, was awarded the prestigious Community Service Award at the firm retreat this weekend, beating out all the other attorneys firm-wide. As if that were not enough, today she learned that she succeeded in becoming Board Certified in International Law. This is an amazing recognition that is currently only awarded to 35 attys in Florida.”

“You are doing fantastic. I am really proud of your effort, drive, success, and all you are doing.”


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