The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) final rule governing licensing has been in effect since December 9, 2016. Under the new final rule, the FMC is requiring Ocean Freight Forwarder (OFF) and Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC) licenses to be renewed every 3 years using the new online license renewal system.

The FMC already sent out the first 146 notifications. DTL clients who are FMC Licensees may face cancellation if they fail to renew or update their license every three years. The great news is, now you are able to leave the heavy lifting to DTL.

A few things to know about the new online renewal system:

New Features

  • The process is now completely online (if you applied via paper, your renewal will still be online).
  • You are now able to add/edit a new record or delete an existing record.
  • Qualifying individuals cannot be changed but officers can be added.
  • Re-certification of licensee or existing qualifying individual will no longer be required for license updates.
  • The percentage of ownership for all entries combined must add up to 100% or the system will reject the update.
  • The licensee can designate a third party to complete the renewal on their behalf.

Update your P.O.C.

  • The FMC prefers a valid and current email address on file. Make sure to list someone who is reliable and consistent.
  • You may now designate a third party to be the point of contact. Assigning legal counsel can facilitate communication with the FMC.
  • The new online system will provide automatic renewal notifications sent to the email on file ninety (90), thirty (30), and fifteen (15) days prior to the update deadline. If you don’t have a reliable point of contact or a valid and current email, you will not receive these notifications and risk cancellation of your license.

When is your deadline?

  • The last two numbers in your license number determine the month and year of the license update deadline. In our picture below, it shows the last two numbers of 77. Using the codes under the image, the licensee would have to renew by July, 2019.

1st pic



If your three (3) year deadline is approaching, or you are new to the online process and want help, DTL is here to walk you through the process. Contact us at: