U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is set to launch Enforcement Link to Mobile Operations (ELMOcargo) at the Port of Miami. This technology will allow CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists to release inspected cargo in real-time.

Currently, CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists conduct inspections on site, but the subsequent release of cargo is delayed until field personnel return to the office and enter inspection results into their data systems.

With the implementation of ELMOcargo, field officers using handheld devices will be able to immediately clear containers. This device speeds up release time by up to four hours making operations more efficient while continuing to keep the Port secure.

CBP Agriculture Specialist recently started using this new technology as a pilot at other Florida ports and agreed to expand the program to Port Miami starting in January 2012.

About the Port of Miami
The Port of Miami is among America’s busiest ports and recognized across the globe with the dual distinction of being the Cruise Capital of the World and the Cargo Gateway of the Americas. The Port of Miami contributes more than $18 billion annually to the South Florida economy and helps provide direct and indirect employment for more than 180,000.

Andria C. Muñiz