CBP enforcement is on the rise.  If your business is importing into the U.S., or wants to start, our one-hour, NEI accredited, webinar on “Building & Maintaining an Effective Import Compliance Plan”  will provide best practices and TOP tips to build an import compliance plan.

Register today to to hear directly from Senior Trade Advisor, Don Woods, DTL’s president, Jennifer Diaz, and Associate Attorney, Denise Calle as they discuss real life stories, current trends/risks associated with the import process, proactive ways to stay compliant, and the importance of training to avoid costly encounters with CBP.

Why Should I Register for this Webinar?

CBP is actively enforcing its laws and regulations against non-compliant importers, as seen by the 70,683 seizure letters issued to importers in FY2021.  Importers are required to develop, maintain, and follow a compliant import plan. Importers must be aware of CBP’s various enforcement mechanisms, and more importantly,  how to avoid  such actions. CBP’s most common enforcement activities include seizures, detentions, and criminal prosecution.

In response to the increase in enforcement discussed below, Diaz Trade Law is hosting a NEI accredited webinar, Building & Maintaining an Effective Import Compliance Plan to train industry on top compliance tips to avoid enforcement, and best practices to maintain and effective and compliant import plan.

Seizures in FY21:

  • With Fy21 yet to finish, the CBP has already had more than 70,000 trade seizures
  • With Fy21 yet to finish, CBP has already had $2.5 billion worth of IPR Seizures – More than it has seized in each of the past 5 years!

Other Trade Enforcement Activities:

  • 1,942 Trade Penalties Issued
  • 16,302 Total Trade Liquidated Damages
  • $16 million collected in Trade-related penalties and liquidated damages

In this webinar, you will learn the common risks associated with the import process and how to build and maintain an effective Import Compliance Plan . Presenters will discuss… The objective of the webinar is to teach participants how to create an effective import plan that allows importers to avoid CBP altogether.

Importers, Customs Brokers, Regulatory Affairs Professionals, and others engaged in the importation of goods into the United States are encouraged to attend either live on October 6, 2021 at 12:00 PM, or on demand thereafter. Register Here