On April 30, 2021, the Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) announced that it had fined FLIR Systems, Inc. $307,922 for an egregious violation of the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) for misrepresentations made in commodity jurisdiction (“CJ”) requests. A BIS spokesperson said: “BIS will not tolerate exporters that provide inaccurate or incomplete representations related to export regulations and laws.”

This recent announcement is a textbook example of why it is important to obtain counsel and be  both proactive and truthful in regards to your export compliance. Whether you are new to exporting or looking to understand the foundations of export controls, including a discussion of recent penalty cases like FLIR’s (so they do not happen to you), or a seasoned professional looking to understand the latest developments, this one-hour webinar is a must attend. Register today to hear directly from the following expert duo:

  • President and Founder of Diaz Trade Law, Jennifer (Jen) Diaz is a Chambers ranked, Board Certified International Attorney specializing in customs and international trade; and
  • Associate Attorney of Diaz Trade Law, Sharath Patil, assists U.S. manufacturers, distributors, and importers with a range of export compliance and enforcement matters pertaining to the U.S. Department of Commerce; the U.S. Treasury Department; the U.S. State Department; and more.

This webinar provides an overview of U.S. export controls. Specifically, it discusses what sets of regulations exporters which exporters need to be aware of, presents important recent developments which exporters should be aware of, explains the dangers of noncompliance, and covers how to build a robust export compliance plan.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Exporting is A Privilege not A Right
  • Obligations of Exporters
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Penalties Associated with Noncompliance
  • Best Practices
  • Developing an Export Compliance Plan
  • The Importance of Export Compliance Training

Who Should Attend:

  • Exporters
  • Customs Brokers
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • In-House Legal Counsel
  • Product Development Managers
  • Others Interested in Exporting

This webinar is eligible for continuing education credit from the NCBFAA Educational Institute. Space is limited, registration required! Access instructions will be provided after your registration is complete. Don’t just take our word for how awesome Diaz Trade Law webinars are. Click here to see what our past attendees had to say. Be sure to join us on May 12, 2021! To register, click here.