Building and maintaining a strong export compliance program is essential if you don’t want your company to become a headline. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced an administrative settlement with a penalty amount of $432,570, for Alfa Laval US of Richmond, VA and Alfa Laval Middle East Ltd. of the United Emirates for alleged violations of the Export Administration Regulations. 

Do you know if your company is meeting export regulations and obligations? Obtaining counsel who is an expert in export compliance is the first step. Are your employees/staff trained in all exporting issues? Our one-hour webinar is a must attend to help provide you with a foundation of tools and key elements that must be included in your export compliance program. Register today to hear from the following experts: 

  • President and Founder of Diaz Trade Law, Jennifer (Jen) Diaz is a Chambers ranked, Board Certified International Attorney specializing in customs and international trade; and 
  • Associate Attorney of Diaz Trade Law, Sharath Patil, assists U.S. manufacturers, distributors, and importers with a range of export compliance and enforcement matters pertaining to the U.S. Department of Commerce; the U.S. Treasury Department; the U.S. State Department; and more. 

This Webinar will discuss the benefits an export compliance program, how to reinforce senior management commitment to compliance with U.S. export laws, policies and specific step-by-step procedures that should be integrated and  provide personnel with tools to help ensure they are performing their export control obligations.  

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The Establishment of a Written Compliance Program 
  • Management Commitment 
  • Continuous Risk Assessment of Export Program 
  • Ongoing Compliance Training and Awareness 
  • Compliance Monitoring and Periodic Audits 
  • Internal Program for Handling Compliance Problems 

Who Should Attend: 

  • Exporters 
  • Customs Brokers 
  • Regulatory Affair Professionals 
  • In-House Legal Counsel 
  • Project Development Managers  
  • Others Interested in Exporting 

This webinar is eligible for continuing education credit from the NCBFAA Educational Institute. Space is limited, registration required! Access instructions will be provided after your registration is complete. Don’t just take our word for how awesome Diaz Trade Law webinars are. Click here to see what our past attendees had to say. Be sure to join us on September 22, 2021! To register, click here.