FDA’s Declared War on Sugar

Nutrition FactsTake a look at any food label. Check out the back panel entitled “Nutrition Facts”. It should look similar to the image on the left. Take a look at the total carbohydrate. In this sample, the total carbs is 37g, with 4g of dietary fiber, and 1g of sugar. That leaves 32g of carbohydrates unaccounted for! What are those carbs you might wonder? Well, a majority of them are added sugars.

On May 20, 2016 the FDA finalized the new Nutrition Facts label final rule for packaged foods. It was the first major update, and regulation, to the nutrition facts label in 20 years. The FDA’s regulation targeted sugars, in particular “added sugars”, and provided a major update to the amount of nutrients people customarily consume. Additionally, the nutrition facts label received a face lift.

Total Sugars and Added Sugars

Total Sugars, Sugars, and Added Sugars, what’s the difference? Total sugars will be replacing the declaration of sugars in the label. Total sugars include all sugars present in the food product, including added sugars. Sugars include the sugar content of the main ingredients. For example, if you have a juice, sugars represent the sugar level in the fruit added to the juice. Added sugars are either added during the processing of foods, or when packaged. Food manufacturers utilize added sugars to make products sweeter or to include […]