This one-hour webinar provides a broad overview of how best to understand and protect your intellectual property rights using U.S. Customs. We will answer the following questions (and much more):
1) What’s a Trademark (and what IPR SHOULD you protect)?
2) How Does CBP Act as a Policeman at the Border to Protect Your Brand (and what do you have to do to get that protection)?
3) What is a Recordation?
4) What is the Most Effective Way for Brand Holders to Go After Infringers?
5) An overview of Amazon Brand Registry
6) Overview of how you can use Amazon Brand Registry’s tools to build and protect your brand.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:
– The Basics of Intellectual Property Considerations for Your Business
– An Overview of How to Use Amazon Brand Registry to Build Your Brand
– Protecting Your Brand is An Ongoing Commitment, and The Steps You Need to Take to Ensure You Do so Proactively
– Actions to take when you know of someone infringing your IPR

– Jennifer Diaz
– Denise Calle
– Augusto Perera

Who Should Attend:
– In-House Legal Counsel
– Owners and Executives
– Marketing Personnel
– Others Interested in Intellectual Property

Eligible for 1 CCS/MCS/CES/MES NEI Credit