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Did you receive a Notice that looks like this from CBP?

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What Does This Notice Mean?

When traveling to the U.S. and transporting more than $10,000, you must declare the exact amount of “monetary currency” you are transporting to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “Monetary instruments” include:

  • U.S. or foreign coins and currency;
  • Travelers checks (in any form);
  • Negotiable Instruments (including checks, promissory notes, and money orders – in a transferable form);
  • Incomplete instruments (checks, promissory notes, and money orders) that are signed with a payees name omitted;
  • Securities or stock in bearer form (in a transferable form)

There are no customs duties, taxes or other fees paid to U.S. Customs for the international transportation of the money; it is merely a reporting requirement to U.S. Customs using Declaration Form 6059B.

Many times, the rationale for seizure is that parties traveling together split their currency. Travelers will advise CBP that they are each carrying less than the $10,000 minimum requirement for reporting. When in fact, together they have over the $10,000 minimum, typically resulting in ALL of the currency on hand being seized. CBP issued a final rule, “to broaden the definition of “members of a family residing in one household” to more accurately reflect relationships for U.S. citizens, residents and international visitors who are traveling together as a family.” If you meet the definition of a family you cannot split currency.

How Can Diaz Trade Law Help?

If your currency is seized, contact Diaz Trade Law today. We have helped numerous individuals get their currency back. We are experts in currency seizure cases, we will discuss your options, including filing a Petition with CBP. Jennifer Diaz is a board certified expert in International Law, and has assisted numerous international travelers with successfully recovering currency seized.

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*Successful Past Results

Some REAL examples include:

  • $54,000 Seized by CBP – $49,000 Returned to our client
  • $50,800 Seized by CBP – $45,800 Returned to our client
  • $39,000 Seized by CBP – $36,500 Returned to our client
  • $37,360 Seized by CBP – $33,500 Returned to our client
  • $31,062 Seized by CBP – $28,562 Returned to our client
  • $16,334 Seized by CBP – $15,334 Returned to our client


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