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Don’t Fry Day: FDA Delays Enforcement of Sunscreen Requirements

Today, May 25, 2012 is officially designated as Don’t Fry Day by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention. With more than 2 million Americans developing skin cancer each year, the FDA decided that it doesn’t want you to fry either. On June 18, 2012 the FDA’s new labeling and effectiveness testing requirements for sunscreen products were READ MORE

IC-DISC — Let the U.S. Government Subsidize Your Exports

If your business sells goods and/or services outside the U.S., you may be able to reduce your federal tax liability in more than half through the use of an interest charge-domestic international sales corporation (IC-DISC). This may be the case even if export sales represent a fraction of your company’s overall sales. Sound too good READ MORE

How I Helped Release $2.5 Million Stuck in Customs


Before beginning a career in international trade, I did not ever stop to think that the t-shirt I was wearing or dishes I was using were likely made elsewhere, and went through a long complicated logistics supply chain in order to reach my local store. Little did I know that when anything goes wrong in READ MORE